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Top 5 Wavecation Properties for Surfing and Diving

diving with whale shark at four seasons maldives
Swimming with a gentle giant - Four Seasons Explorer

Many of the world's great surf breaks are also located next to some of the best dive sites you could hope for. While you can't surf all day, and you can't dive all day, when you combine both activities you stand a good chance of logging plenty of water time. What makes this combination so great is you can dive when the waves are small or choppy and surf during your surface intervals or when visibility is bad. Here's a list of 5 great Wavecation rental properties and hotels that offer great diving and surf.

  1. Four Seasons Explorer - For those looking for the ultimate in luxury live aboard, the Four Seasons Explorer will not disappoint. Wake up each morning at a new surf break, a new dive spot, or both. Dive the numerous reefs or channels in the crystal clear water. For the adventurous, enjoy diving with manta rays and whale sharks or descend to the 110 meter long cargo ship dubbed the Victory. The price tag for this dream getaway is high but if you can afford the $1000+ per night you'll enjoy the best in solitude, privacy, adventure and luxury that the Maldives has to offer.
  2. Abaco Inn - Enjoy views of one of the Bahamas best surf breaks (aptly named "pools") from the hotel swimming pool. Take a short walk from your room to the hotel’s beach and you’ll be paddling out to a great reef break in clear blue water. If you want to do some diving when the waves are down, you can’t choose a much better place. Elboy Cay and the waters surrounding Abaco have some of the finest diving in the Bahamas, with dives ranging from shore dives, deep wall dives or wreck dives.
  3. Sebastian’s on the Beach - The Virgin Islands are often thought of for their luxury yacht culture, the gorgeous beaches and a jet set lifestyle. The diving here is fabulous as well as the surfing if you know where to go. Sebastian’s on the Beach offers an affordable yet upscale option for those who want to stay beachfront and be just a stone’s throw from the surf break at Apple Bay and a short distance from the famed Cane Garden Bay surf break. When it's time for diving be sure and try the world famous wreck dive that begins in 70 feet of water, the RMS Rhone.
  4. Villa Tropical in Puerto Rico is a shore diver's paradise. Directly offshore is a series of underwater tunnels, caverns and formations that provide stunning scenery and exciting dives. When the surf is up, this dive spot turns into a nice right reef break for more experienced surfers. The windsurf and kiteboard crews also name this as a favorite beach. Rent one of Villa Tropical's 8 houses and you’ll be right in the middle of the action, so even when you’re relaxing between dives or surf sessions, you can relax on the beach or your patio watching others enjoy the waters.
  5. Slick Rock Belize offers you the best chance of catching any surf in Belize. This total adventure private island has everything to keep an adventure junkie satisfied. Windsurf, snorkel, kayak, kitesurf, SUP, surf, scuba, fishing, and more await you at this Glover's Reef hideaway. The surf break is for intermediate and up with smallish waves breaking over reef rubble. Conditions aren't epic, but when you're surfing a private break in 80 degree crystal clear water, it's pretty easy to be stoked! When it comes to diving, right off shore discover Glover's Reef's 56 linear miles of wall diving at this remote atoll. The wall drops from 35 feet to 3000 feet in less than a mile, and with visibility averaging 100 feet or more you're sure to see plenty of underwater wonders.

These are just a taste of great Wavecation properties that offer incredible diving opportunities as well. Stay tuned for another Wavecation top 5 next week or to look for your own, feel free to peruse the site yourself.


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Four Seasons Explorer

Sure the Explorer can take you around in style... but does it really give you the freedom to go off course see the dive and surf sites which pop up year round in Ari, Gaafu Dhaalu, Blue Ball and the most famous ones in North Male like Thamburudhoo. And come on for $1000+ per night, you can not only take yourself but all your buddies as well, with all meals included! And its the same destination, the same people and the same experience for less than 1/10th of the price per person.

And I don't know about you but I'd like a diving expedition where I can follow the best dive spots by exploring rather than a menu of the most frequented ones.

Best Diving Spot

Cebu has a lot of great spot for diving, Oslob is one and there is a lot more good places. You won't regret the experience.

Include cebu diving in your

Include Cebu in your list. We’ve been there, I was amazed by the corals they had, and there are many creatures there that we could surely enjoy. You can also dive with whale sharks. Our next spot will be in Puerto Rico.


I'll take them all please!

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