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Day one in Mexico - Manzanillo Bay

Bienvenidos a Mexico!   I'm here... and loving it!

 Wavecation and Inn at Manzanillo Bay

After an easy 1/2 day of travel, I've arrived in paradise. A short 2 hour flight from Houston and I arrived in Ixtapa/Zihautanejo airport. After a quick customs line (10 minutes) I rented a car (and got the insurance that costs more than the car) and was set loose in Mexico.  Every road sign leaving the airport said "Mex 200" which was the road I needed so who knew if I was on the right one?!

The first 15 minutes of the drive are a bit hectic as you pass the the city but the remaining 30 minute drive north through winding roads and roadside towns (the kind where people, dogs and bikes haphazardly cross in front of oncoming traffic) was quite pleasant. Arriving in Troncones is a bit underwhelming at first, it looks like all the other little barrios you pass on the way here. Then you see the beach and it gets better. Driving North along the unpaved coastal road seeing the entrance gates of all the vacation homes and boutique hotels I still wasn’t very impressed, but hopeful. When I finally pulled into the Inn at Manzanillo Bay I began to sense that I had arrived. My impression after just a few hours at Troncones is that you don’t come here for the town, you come here to pick a really nice oasis (like Manzanillo Bay) and get away from it all!  

One great thing about the lush Inn at Manzanillo Bay is that the surf break is so close it seems like part of the hotel grounds. The paddle out spot is 20 steps out of the gate, you’re right there! It’s a perfect Wavecation location, with bungalows facing the surf, warm fresh water pool and a killer restaurant on site - the hotel owner is a chef and it shows! There is also a great surf shop on site with 15 or 20 late model surftech boards for rent. Everything from tiny shortboards to full size SUPs.

Falling asleep with nothing but ocean breezes and waves crashing outside my open air bungalow was refreshing. There is no a/c in the Bungalows, (there are A/C rooms if you need it) I was a bit worried at first as it's warm and humid here. After a cool pre-bed shower and with the fans blowing it was quite nice to fall asleep without the accompaniment of blankets. Waking up this morning the air was fresh and cooler from the rain during the night. I can't overstate how beautiful and relaxing the Inn at Manzanillo Bay is. After being here 2 hours yesterday I felt me self slowing down, I could actually FEEL the relaxation setting in. It's wonderful. I'll let the photos do the talking now... I'm going to surf!


Packing light


ZIH airport, I was impressed. It's small, clean and efficient.

Leaving the airport every road is "Mexico 200" - just pick one and hope for the best ;)

Arriving in Troncones... not much to see yet

 The road through Troncones headed North

My bungalow, what a view!

Surfers about to paddle out at Troncones Point. Wave was empty/uncrowded all day.

The pool at Manzanillo Bay...perfect!
Entrance to the surf shop.
Three guys at the point
manzanillo bay 
Surfers hanging out at the cabana.
Sets rolling in with no one in sight.

End of a wonderful day at the Inn at Manzanillo Bay!




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