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Saladita vs. Troncones - What's the difference?

Mountains in Saladita, Mexico

Where should I stay... Troncones or Saladita?

Often I’m asked about how the Mexico surf destinations Troncones and Saladita compare to one another. The two “towns” are only a few miles apart as the crow flies (15-20 minutes driving) but offer very different experiences.  Here’s my take on Troncones vs. Saladita

Troncones has some shops and nice restaurants/hotels. Troncones is a few miles of mostly non-descript beachbreak with one really good, though quite rocky, point break. This point break is called Troncones Point or Manzanillo Bay. Manzanillo Bay is a beautiful beach for walking, swimming, spearfishing, etc. The wave breaks over a rocky ledge with urchins so it’s best for intermediate to advanced surfers. I surfed it for two days, with head high waves, clear water and never more than one other guy out. Two incredible places to stay right on the point are the small boutique surf resort - The Inn at Manzanillo Bay or an incredible vacation home - Punta Pelicano.

Troncones is best for families or older travelers looking for a taste of “real” mexico or surfers looking for a nice place to stay (two above mentioned) that will please your spouse as well and don't mind driving 30 minutes for surf if it's not breaking at Troncones Point.

Saladita is best if you want to get away from everything else, be in a very rural setting and have incredible waves at your door step but you don't mind having to drive 30 minutes for shopping, dining or nightlife.

IN SUMMARY: Saladita is best for great waves, Troncones is best for nicer places to stay, restaurants, etc.

La Saladita's surf break is great for beginners and intermediates both. The point break offers a really long consistent ride. You’ll find cheaper beachfront places to stay in La Saladita than Troncones. Be advised there’s not much else to do but  surf and swing in the hammock. The surronding mountains are beautiful and are reminiscient of a lush Southern California. The wave - Saladita Point - is often called a reverse Malibu for good reason. It breaks long and consistent over a forgiving cobblestone bottom but instead of going right like Malibu, Saladita breaks left making it a rare goofy foot paradise

Saladita's long crescent shaped beach is nice for walking. Overall you’ll find more surfer backpacker types here renting one of the Valencia family places on the point (like Lourdes Place or The House of Waves - Saladita). There are some newer upscale homes and b&Bs (like La Chuparosa) a few minutes walk up the beach though as well. Even surf legend Corky Carroll after traveling the world to surf, has made Saladita his new home.

The best thing about Troncones and Saladita is that it doesn't have to be an either/or decision. They are so close to one another (only about 15 minutes apart with the new roads) that you can easily stay in one and surf at the other.

The Breakdown

Saladita Troncones
Rural Small town
3-4 restaurants 20+ restaurants
No need to get dressed up A couple nice restaurants
Dirt roads Paved roads
roosters in the street roosters in the steet
A REALLY long left point break Miles of  mediocre beach break with 1 good point break at Manzanillo Bay
Lots of surfboards for rent Some surfboards for rent
Majority of visitors are surfers Majority of visitors are here for other reasons
Price range from cheap to high end Price range from cheap to high end
Not much else to do besides surf Shopping, Yoga, dancing, skatepark, scooter rentals, biking, kayak tours
About 45 minutes from the airport About 30 minutes from the airport
Sandy beach with miles of walking Sandy/rocky beach with miles of walking
Photos of Troncones and Saladita
Manzanillo Bay, beautiful beach in Troncones
Manzanillo Bay in Troncones, one of the prettiest beaches in the area

Main road in Troncones
Heading into Troncones, at the main intersection


swimming pool at Inn at Manzanillo Bay in Troncones
Accommodations to suit the surfer and their guest in Troncones


The crescent shaped beach and surrounding mountains of La Saladita

Surfer Bruce Grimes on a long wave at Saladita Mexico
Surfer and local Shaper Bruce Grimes on a long Saladita peeler


Surfer walking with surfboard at Saladita Point
A surfer walking back up to the point in Saladita

Surfboards for rent in Saladita
Plenty of longboards and shortboards for rent in Saladita

Bungalows for rent in Saladita
There are a dozen or so homes and bungalows for rent on the point in Saladita.

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