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My New Favorite Travel Flip-Flops

freewater flip flops are comfy on the feet.I recently ended a relationship that lasted almost 20 years. It was going strong, real strong.

We were high school sweethearts, made it through college together and then stuck by each other’s side through new jobs, moves, marriage, honeymoon, kids, and so much more.  Then suddenly, abruptly and without warning it was over. In one day.

My Rainbow sandals had been replaced by Freewaters.

Honestly, I’m still a bit shocked. I thought Rainbow and I would be together forever. Heck, Gerry Lopez is their spokesman... he’s a legend!  The Pipe Master himself.

Also you should understand a bit of my flip-flip philosophy. I had been a strictly one pair of sandals guy for almost 2 decades. My theory was to find a really good pair of sandals and be done with it. You wear them for 2-3 years then replace them with the exact same model. Only having one pair of sandals (like one pair of good jeans) reduces the daily need for wardrobe decision making.

Everything changed the day a pair of Freewaters arrived in the mail. I’d never heard of Freewaters, they were sent as a gift. I quickly pushed them aside thinking I’d put them in the goodwill bag for my regular donation delivery.

Then I made the fatal mistake, I tried them on. All it took was that one slide of my foot over the Thermarest foot bed and something changed. I cut the tags off and started wearing them around the house, you know, telling myself it was just for a couple minutes.

Next thing I new I was out the door on a walk to Whole Foods. “Wait a minute!”, everything within me called out. “I can’t be seen in public like this, I’m a Rainbow’s guy!”.  Please understand I was wearing Rainbows long before they were sold in department stores, way back in the early 90’s!  That’s ancient history for flip-flop wearing.

So what am I doing now with another flip-flop strap between my toes?  Enjoying every step, that’s what.

Grab a pair yourself at  And in case you're wondering, this is not some sort of paid placement. I've never met or spoken with anyone at the company... I just know a rad product when I step on it.

 Need a place to try out your travel footwear... I suggest Saladita


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