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A wavecation can be a surf trip, a surf vacation, a surfari, a surfcamp, a boat charter, a trip with the bros, or a ladies surf & yoga retreat.  A wavecation can be a lot of things, but there's ONE THING that defines it...a vacation with WAVES. 

A wavecation is being able to check the waves in the morning... FROM THE BED of your vacation rental or hotel. 

A wavecation is relaxing on the deck of your house watching the waves peel. 

A wavecation is running out the back door and catching a few waves before breakfast. 

A wavecation is sitting in the lineup and waving to your kids playing on the beach. 

Forget about strapping boards to the car, parking hassles, and leaving the family behind while you drive around checking the surf.  Next time you're heading away from home to enjoy some waves on vacation, take more than just a surf trip, take a WAVECATION.

Wavecation...we get you closer

We ONLY offer surf accommodations within a short walk of the waves. We all know how frustrating in can be looking through dozens of listings, while consulting satellite maps and surf guide books, trying to decode homeowners pictures and read between the property description lines all in an effort to figure out how close it REALLY is to the waves. At Wavecation, we've found all the best surf vacations for you. We tell you what surf breaks are closest, and how far a walk they are from where you're staying. Decide what type of wave you want, then use our powerful and surf-specific search functions to find places to stay right at the waves!

YES.  We take marketing your property very seriously. We hope you to do.  The web is littered with high volume, low quality vacation rental sites, Wavecation is not one of them.

We could try and convince you by explaining how we charge a lot less than the big guys but work just as hard.  We email, call, visit, text, blog, post threads and run ads every day letting people know about YOUR incredible property listed on AND the surfer friendly search features we've created. But it all boils down to the age old wisdom... you get what you pay for.

If you think you have a wavecation property and would like to list with us please click here.  If you have more questions please contact us.  Leave us your phone number and we'll be more than happy to give you a call.

GREAT!  We want you to.  We are here to help you get the greatest value out of your vacation home, hotel, or other type of property.  If the other sites are working keep using them.  Let us help you fill the empty weeks.  The great news is usually the best surf season is not the rental high season.  We can help you get increased booking for the shoulder and off-season.  If you have no empty weeks, well then please call us and tell us your secret!  

At Wavecation our goal is to help you reach a niche market, one that you may be missing through more traditional listing sites.  We don't have the same number of views as the big sites, but that's okay, we want more qualified views per property.  We go for quality over quantity.

Whether you have a surf hotel in Costa Rica or a beach front vacation rental in Florida, click here to list with us.  If you have more questions please contact us.


Annual costs:

Only $149: Home, Condo, RV, or other single family properties.

Only $199:  B & B, small lodge, house divided into multiple rentals and other properties with 15 rooms or less.

Only $299:  Hotels, resorts and other properties with 15 or more rooms.

Annual property listing includes:

  • *Polished, straightforward, and easy to use listing template

  • *Property description area. Highlight unique features of your property

  • *Up to 18 photos

  • *Built-in surfer review section, allowing guests to sing your properties praises

  • *Dashboard area where you can edit your listings, contact info, or add properties

  • *Analytics page for you to see exactly how your listing is performing

  • *Integration for the HomeAway Connect calendar system - Update your calendar and your Wavecation calendar updates automatically

  • *Dozens of property amenities and surf criteria to choose from, giving you the ability to highlight your listing on specific searches

  • *Auto renew payment with reminders and easy options to cancel listing renewal

  • *And finally, the Wavecation team becomes your property advocate doing all we can do to get your property listing in front of interested renters


New to Wavecation? We make finding surf vacations simple.

Whether you're pushing your kids into their first wave or an experienced surfer looking for overhead barrels, Wavecation is for you. Find great hotels on the beach, surf camps in Costa Rica or a luxury surf getaway in the Maldives. Start searching!


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