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Gulf Jewel

House in Surfside Beach, United States

Looking southwest towards the jetty
Looking southwest towards the jettyYour home away from homeAerial view - right on the sand!Looking east towards OctagonGreat porch for watching the waves crashOpen kitchenBunkroom for the kids

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About this property

Beachfront Vacation Rental Next to the Jetty

Gulf Jewel is a wonderful Beachfront house with one of the best views in Surfside. You enjoy the wide open Beach Views with the morning sunrise, and watch the Cargo Tankers come in and out of the port. This 3 bedroom 2 bath rental is beachfront and only a block away from the Jetty with easy access to the beach to the shipping channel where dolphins can be spotted almost daily. The Jetty offers great opportunities to surf, walk, fish, etc. When the waves are flat usually the fishing is good or the water is clear making it a lot of fun to paddle the SUP along the jetty looking for fish, rays, and other sea life.


  • Budget
  • Board Rentals Nearby
  • Kid Friendly
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Washer/Dryer
  • A/C
  • Television


  • Diving


Period Cost
Per Night $200
Per Week $1,250
Per Month Call for Info


This property is located near Surfside Jetty. During a strong south or southwest wind you can sometimes find shelter close to the jetty. The jetty is usually smaller than Octagon but it can be a lot cleaner. Good place to go if you're with the kids, or Octagon is super crowded. It's also a popular spot for a "jetty jump" during a hurricane because it offers an alternative to the long (think 20 minutes if you're in elite shape) paddle out through a quarter mile of white wash.

This property is also located near Octagon. A Texas classic. This spot is named after the beach house with an octagon shaped roof. The Octagon house finally succumbed to decades of beach erosion and hurricanes, and only lives on as a fond memory for Texas surfers. Thankfully though, the surf is still there. This section of beach typically has the best sandbars in the area and can produce some lined up long rides when conditions are right. So exactly when are conditions "right"? Surf can pop up any time of year, but in late fall when a strong south or south east wind has been blowing followed by a weak cold front with winds from the North West, things can get really fun. If you can be there when the conditions line up you'll score some epic longboard and sometimes shortboard waves. But it usually doesn't last longer than a day. The standard conditions for the Surfside area are small knee to waist high mushy waves. Don't underestimate the fun factor though. Sandy bottom, friendly locals and water temps in the mid 80's can make for some memorable summer and fall surf sessions.

This property is also located near Quintana. Across the ship channel from Surfsdie, Quintana is not nearly as visited because it takes about 15 minutes extra to drive around town and get there. The surf can be quite good when there is a big East or SE swell hitting Surfside with strong winds. The long jetty at Quintana shelters against the prevailing trade winds. The waves will be smaller but much cleaner often times. Guys paddle across the channel from Surfside sometimes, but you better be in really good shape and don't let the Coast Guard see you.

Surf Type

  • Beach break
  • Short board
  • Longboard
  • SUP
  • Beginner/Learn to Surf
  • Warm water

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Property Images

Looking southwest towards the jetty

Your home away from home

Aerial view - right on the sand!

Looking east towards Octagon

Great porch for watching the waves crash

Open kitchen

Bunkroom for the kids

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