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Playa Viva

Eco-Lodge in Juluchuca, Mexico

Do we really need to say anything?
Do we really need to say anything?One of the CasitasBeach shadeGet involved with our turtle concervancyBeautiful sunsetsNearby lagoonOpen air everything!It's easy to relax at Playa VivaPoolsideBuilding that blend into the environmentBeautiful and comfortable bedsTurtles love our beach and we love themA good way to spend a weekThe beach seen from one of the casitasOverview of the propertySurfing nearby Loma BonitaLoma Bonita perfect leftSurfing in front of the hotel

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About this property

Playa Viva is a special place where you and your family will enjoy the rugged, unspoiled beauty of Mexico in the guilt-free luxury of an environmentally-conscious resort. The first 8 rooms of the sustainable boutique hotel are now open. Reserve your stay and experience the bounty of the local ecosystem while actually helping it thrive.

SURF - Playa Viva offers some of the best surf on Mexico's Pacific Coast, for novice, intermediate and top surfers. Local surfing instructors welcome all skill levels. Breaks include Escolleras, Playa Linda, La Saladita, the Ranch, Mahajua, Troncones, Playa Manzanillo, Juluchuca, La Barrita and Las Gatas, all within a one-hour drive. Playa Viva is adjacent to Playa Icacos, one of the only locations in Mexico where top surfers can catch one of the few pipelines in all of Mexico.

Kayak/SUP - Immerse yourself in nature by taking a small group or private kayak tours in one of the many lagoons near Playa Viva. The state of Guerrero, Mexico, is home to thousands of waterfowl and migratory birds. At Playa Viva, we work with local fisherman who can take you out on their "panga", small boats, for a tour of the estuary, a great way to see birds, amphibians, mangrove and gain a new perspective on Playa Viva.

Snorkeling and scuba diving - available through a local tour operator in Zihuatanejo. You can also snorkel in the ocean right in front of Playa Viva and see lots of sea life, however it is open ocean so swim with a buddy. As a special bonus, we can pair you with a local spear fisherman who can teach you how to catch your dinner.

Yoga - is offered every morning (except some Sundays) at Playa Viva. Yoga experts on staff will help lead a program that is right for you, whether you are a beginner or have your own practice. Special classes can be arranged for couples or kids. Classes are most often lead right next to the pool with ocean views.

Turtle Sanctuary - Our Turtle Sanctuary was founded to protect turtles from predators and poachers. The sanctuary is staffed by an all-volunteer team of local residents who have named the sanctuary "La Tortuga Viva", or "The Living Turtle", and receive training and minimal support from SEMARNAT, the Mexican Department of Environmental Protection. The operation of La Tortuga Viva is a labor of love.

Climate - Playa Viva enjoys a year-round semi-tropical climate with approximately 300 sunny days a year and temperatures ranging from 23 to 33 degrees Celsius (73 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit). The rainy season lasts from late July through to late September or early October, with an average rainfall of 12 inches per month. During the rainy season, the surrounding countryside comes alive with verdant grasses and fragrant blossoms. Juluchuca transforms itself from a semi-arid zone into a tropical forest.

Playa Viva has 4 room types: Private Casita (honeymoon suite), NEW - EcoCasitas, Deluxe Suites and Studios. Room rates vary by season: Holiday, High Season and Low Season. Rates are all inclusive (See Details Below). Deluxe Suite and Studio can be combined to make a Double Suite. All of Playa Viva can also be reserved for special occasions.


  • Pool
  • Luxury
  • Beginner Surf Lessons
  • Yoga
  • Kid Friendly
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pets Considered


  • Spa
  • Hiking


Period Cost
Per Night $195
Per Week $1,350
Per Month Call for Info


This property is located near Playa Icacos. A rivermouth break off the Juluchuca river and the estuary. One of the top surf spots in the State of Guerrero.

This property is also located near Loma Bonita. Fast and hollow beach breaks, good quality.

Surf Type

  • Beach break
  • Short board
  • Longboard
  • SUP
  • Beginner/Learn to Surf
  • Warm water

Surfer Reviews

Surfmatt took a Wavecation in June

Posted on Friday, July 13, 2012 - 9:54pm from Austin, TX

Surf Rating:

Overall Satisfaction:
Breaks Surfed: In front of Playa Viva
Favorite Break: Out front
Wave/Swell Conditions: Chest to head high, glassy in the morning, mostly closeout

Thoughts I want to pass on:

My wife and I stayed for 3 nights at Playa Viva and I must say it's one of the more extraordinary places we've ever been. The term "deserted beach" is an understatement here. You can walk for miles in either direction and there is nothing but sand, ocean and palm trees. The stars at night were incredible!

Once you arrive don't plan on leaving, you'll want to just relax and unwind.  All your food is included, some of the best food I've ever eaten... anywhere!  The chef is from France and the owner of Playa Viva has invested in sending him to different types of cooking schools in Mexico. He made some of the most memorable plant based dishes I've ever tried. The grilled fish was incredible as well.

The whole property is open air with thatched roofs and bamboo construction. I walked around marveling at all the attention to detail the builders used. The pool area is the communal hangout and where you'll spend most of your time. It's a great way to meet the other guests but there are enough seating areas that you can get away on your own as well.

As for the surf, I wasn't expecting much. I'd just finished 4 days at Saladita and Troncones point getting lots of waves so this was the "relax" portion of the trip. I didn't even bring a board but once I arrived I wished I had. In the mornings the waves were glassy with light offshores. Most of the waves were closeouts but I paddled out on an old surfboard they had lying around and caught some really fun sections, even a little tube. I wouldn't come here for the surf, but if you're coming here for a nice eco-luxury getaway, you may want to bring your board. There is an excellent break a few miles down the beach you can take the ATV along the beach to reach or just drive about 15 minutes down the main road.

This is a great Wavecation for:

Short Board
Families with Kids
Travelers without a Car

Have you stayed here? Share your experience with the Wavecation community!

Property Images

Do we really need to say anything?

One of the Casitas

Beach shade

Get involved with our turtle concervancy

Beautiful sunsets

Nearby lagoon

Open air everything!

It's easy to relax at Playa Viva


Building that blend into the environment

Beautiful and comfortable beds

Turtles love our beach and we love them

A good way to spend a week

The beach seen from one of the casitas

Overview of the property

Surfing nearby Loma Bonita

Loma Bonita perfect left

Surfing in front of the hotel

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