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Red Palm Villas at Suck Rock

Hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Honeymoon Villa master suite
Honeymoon Villa master suite#1 location - Perfect wave and amazing villasLuxury villas ON Suck Rock Point breakVillas with awesome views of Suck RockSunset sessions at Suck Rock are hard to beatGreat Waves - No Crowds!!!Typical line up... just you and a surf buddyHard Cold Facts...warm water, perfect rights, no crowds!!!Dawn Patrol... some of the day's best surfComfort, Luxury, Sight, Sound all included at no extra chargeBetween surf sessions relax and watch the break Suck Rock breaking like a dreamThe Santa Teresa area is a true Costa Rican paradisePrivate, luxurious surf sanctuary

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About this property

Welcome to the Red Palm Villas beach front luxury surf and yoga resort.  Of all the Costa Rica surf resorts none can lay claim to sitting front and center of world class Suck Rock wave.

When considering the various Costa Rica surf vacations available, none are as convenient, as close, or as guaranteed as Costa Rica surfing. 12 months a year we have waves. If you read the Costa Rica surf report, almost every single day there are waves to surf and some days, we get the big bombs rolling through, 20 foot faces or better, rides the length of 10 football fields ending with a Hawaiian style spitting barrel right in front of our luxury beach front Costa Rica Hotel. Everyone in Santa Teresa Costa Rica knows the Red Palm Villas sits on maybe the best wave in all of Costa Rica.

You can travel Costa Rica beaches from one end to the other but you will never find a better wave, more beach breaks or, less crowds, than you will in Santa Teresa Costa Rica. There are plenty of surf resorts who would love to have you but none of them deserve you, we have the views and we have THE wave and villas at our luxury Costa Rica Hotel.

The Red Palm Villas Costa Rica Resort Guarantee: #1 Location on the #1 BEACH in Central and South America, Santa Teresa Costa Rica (2010 Recipient of Tripadvisor Travelers Award)

Also, we sit on possibly the most amazing wave in Costa Rica, not the longest, not the friendliest, simply the best. It’s a World Class Hawaiian Barrel. And less than 200 feet away, a very gentle, beginner to intermediate beach break. How’s that for Location?

Our beach is a place where you can catch 20-100 waves a day depending on your stamina, hunger and level of expertise. Where else in the world can you do that. Santa Teresa Costa Rica is virtually as uncrowded as it gets, some days it‘s outright lonely as you sit there hoping some bro‘s show up to catch a few waves with.

And finally, our Costa Rica villas, they are TRULY right ON THE BEACH and they are 100% pure Frank Lloyd Wright and Antonio Gaudi inspired. If you know anything about Frank Lloyd Wright homes, imagine what he would have built in Costa Rica and then imagine that’s what we did.

On the most stunning pieces of beach front in Santa Teresa, with VIEWS guaranteed to dazzle your eyes, so outrageous even Jack O’Neill would be envious, that’s what we promise you will find at The Red Palm Villas Costa Rica surf resort, a surfers meca of unclaimed waves in warm friendly waters, a real live dream come true.

The Red Palms luxury Costa Rica villas and suites are located at the exclusive North end of Santa Teresa Costa Rica which is the closest thing imaginable to surfer‘s paradise… it‘s where soul meets body. At our beach front Costa Rica Hotel you can live every surfers dream, letting the crystal clear warm Pacific Ocean drench your body while surfing Pura Vida style, cleansing you mind and soul.

Enjoy breathtaking tropical vistas from the lineup, cool off shores breezes, and a laid-back island vibe. Get barreled at Suck Rock, or, meet with Mick, the head surf guru of our Costa Rica Surf School and get ready to catch your first wave. No matter what level surfer you are, Mick will get you going in the right direction, surfing is Mick‘s life passion, he knows the best beaches for every tide and every swell, a lot of them so secret only he and a few bro‘s know how to get there.

If you‘ve been waiting all your life to surf until you drop, it‘s time to book a Costa Rica Surf Vacation at The Red Palm Villas. Get on the Internet, there‘s lots of great flights available, most major airlines offer Costa Rica travels deals from all major US cities.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica is the #1 Beach for a Costa Rica vacation of any type and as a surf destination, we offer wave diversity from beginner to expert with easy access to an endless array of water sports, not to mention the charm and warmth of the local culture.

You’ve probably given up a lot of waves in you life, you’re definitely not getting any younger, don’t you think it’s time, time you told the boss you needed a break, told the wife it’s long over due, it’s time to travel Costa Rica and start reaping what you sowed? The Red Palm Villas should be your first stop, long before the crowded beaches of Jaco or Tamarindo Costa Rica. With a wave named Suck Rock and villas inspired by the great master Frank Lloyd Wright, we hope you’ll agree and find our Costa Rica Hotels the best choice you could have made.

We offer a variety of Costa Rica Vacations for family, friends, adventure, honeymooners and more. We’re sure we have a Costa Rica Vacation package just for you. If you don’t see one, ask, we can custom tailor a Costa Rica Holiday or one of a kind Costa Rica vacation package for any length of time, in a villa of suite, with or without transportation, with surf school or private surf classes, yoga, massage, tours and more.

When it comes to a Costa Rica Holiday, we can do anything, our only limitation is your imagination. Feel free to ask if what you see isn’t exactly what you are looking for. We can start with a full suite for $245 per night or luxury villa at $ 355 per night and build a vacation package from there that fits your time frame and budget.



  • Luxury
  • Board Rentals Nearby
  • Beginner Surf Lessons
  • Yoga
  • Kid Friendly
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Washer/Dryer
  • A/C
  • Wireless Internet
  • Outdoor Fire pit


  • Spa
  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife


Period Cost
Per Night $245
Per Week $1,715
Per Month $6,900


This property is located near Roca Mar/Suck Rock. A grindy, challenging right hand reef break located at the West end of Playa Santa Teresa. It is also known as "Suck Rock," because the wave jacks up out of deep water, doubling up over a dry reef as it peels across into deeper water. Deep, spitting tubes are the reward for skirting the "Dreaded Spine."

This property is also located near Mim's. Mim's (or Back Reef) - just 200 meters around the corner from Roca Mar is this deepwater right-hander that begins to show her stuff at double overhead and above, offering steep take-offs and long, winding walls. When all the stars are in proper alignment, this powerful reef wave can connect all the way through the bowl at Roca Mar, dropping you off breathless and stoked in the shorebreak past Casa Cecilia!

This property is also located near Playa Santa Teresa. A 2km stretch of some of the most consistent beachbreak on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The beach's Southeast/Northwest orientation makes it ideally exposed to swell angles from below 195 to over 220 degrees; although it breaks best with SSW combo swells. While ostensibly a sandbar beach break, the unique bottom configuration of sand over rock reef gives form to the consistently breaking peaks for which Santa Teresa is famous. These well-groomed sandbars offer peaky, punchy rights and lefts that are just plain fun when it is under head high. But the game changes once the swell goes overhead, offering up juicy outside walls that connect into grinding inside barrels.

Surf Type

  • Point break
  • Beach break
  • Right
  • Short board
  • Longboard
  • Beginner/Learn to Surf

Surfer Reviews

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Property Images

Honeymoon Villa master suite

#1 location - Perfect wave and amazing villas

Luxury villas ON Suck Rock Point break

Villas with awesome views of Suck Rock

Sunset sessions at Suck Rock are hard to beat

Great Waves - No Crowds!!!

Typical line up... just you and a surf buddy

Hard Cold Facts...warm water, perfect rights, no

Dawn Patrol... some of the day's best surf

Comfort, Luxury, Sight, Sound all included at no extra

Between surf sessions relax and watch the break

Suck Rock breaking like a dream

The Santa Teresa area is a true Costa Rican paradise

Private, luxurious surf sanctuary

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