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Chicama Surf Resort

Dream Surf Hotel at World's Longest Wave Let's get right to the point; there are waves, and then there are long waves, there are long waves and then there are looooooong waves!!! Chicama Surf Resort is located in Peru at the legendary beach of Chicama, which hosts the longest "surf-able" wave on Earth!!! A place of relax and comfort at only 45 minutes by car from...

Chicama - Right on it

Starting at $150 Per Night


Peru Surf Description

Peru has some of the best left hand point breaks in the entire world.  This South America surf paradise is like a Southern Hemisphere mirror image of California. The rides are very long, you'll have the longest rides of your life here. With wind conditions in Peru often very light glassy waves are common year round. Since most of the surf spots in Peru are reef point breaks, paddling out when it's big is not as much a problem as the beach breaks you may be more familiar with. Water temps are comparable to California, usually requiring a 3/2 though boardies are enough in some region in summer (opposite of North America's summer). Peru can be divided into three surf regions; North, Central and Lima.

Tropical beaches and year round sunny weather make the perfect setting for excellent waves. Cabo Blanco, Organos, El Hueco, Bayovar, and Mancora are some of the point breaks offering quick, hollow tubes. The surf is pumping all year round. But besides surfing this laid back area is also renowned for fishing and seafood. A spring wetsuit is usually sufficient here.

In this area of Peru nearly all waves are lefts and most of them are very long, such as the world famous waves of Chicama and Pacasmayo. This is the also the region of the Mochica people, known to be the first surfers on earth, using their ancestral "Caballitos de Totora".  A 3/2 is recommended most of the year here.  Some of the Central region's best waves are:

  1. Chicama Beach: Home to the longest left wave on earth, it has 5 different sections. Consistent hollow, fast, and powerful tubular waves up to 1 mile long, with an average of 3 to 6 feet (1 to 2 plus meters) almost all year round. Surfers can experience intense and relaxed surfing experiences at Chicama, perfect for both experienced surfers and beginners.
  2. Pacasmayo Beach Endless left waves that have several sections, some speedy and tubular, and others thick and slow, from 3 to 10 feet (1 to 3 meters). It is an impressive and consistent wave, as when it seems to start losing its shape, a new wall forms all over again. This is known as the Pacasmayo Express (Advanced).
  3. Poemape Beach: Regional classic, tubular fast waves from 3 to 8 feet (1 to 2.5 meters) that provide a speedy ride of approximately 300 meters at a time.  Poemape is located 40 minutes north of Chicama. It has two sections; the first section is mostly tubular and is surfed entirely opposite and over the reef. The second section breaks in the bay and is easier, as it is not as walled up as the first.
  4. Hunchaco Beach: According to the legend, 800 years ago Prince Tacaynamo and his court disembarked in Huanchaco in little horses made of totora reeds, to found the first Moche dynasty.  The traditional crafts called the “caballitos de totora” (little horses of totora reeds) have been used by fishermen in the north coast of Peru since pre-Columbian times.  Since they are still used nowadays, surfers can surf beside them and even enjoy a ride.
Just South of Lima is Punta Hermosa, famous for being Peru's big wave location. This area of headlands, reefs and coves tends to focus the swell energy creating ideal surfing conditions. South America's biggest waves can be found at Pico Alto. Cerro Azul, La Herradura, and Penascal are other standout spots in this region.

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