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Slickrock Adventures

Eco-Lodge in Long Caye, Belize

Slickrock Belize aerial view, your private island playground!
Slickrock Belize aerial view, your private island playground!Lots of water toys! SUP, kayak, kitesurf, windsurf...One of the Slickrock bungalowsFun, clear water surfing in Belize!Nice rights at Slick RockSlick Rock Belize aerial viewSurfer and Kayaker sharing a waveMiles of pristine kayakingSlick rock is perfect for windsurfingBelize surfingTurquoise Caribbean watersEnjoying the wave out frontHuge sponges to be seen while divingBelize Islands to exploreTry Kayak surfing in Belize, right in front of your room!A tropcial island paradiseThe best paddle surfing (SUP) in BelizeFish from our pier

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About this property

Belize Adventure Sports Lodge
A private island resort located in Belize, 35 offshore on an atoll that is a Marine Reserve, we specialize in adventure sports. In addition to surfing, paddleboarding, and kayak surfing, we offer sea kayaking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, diving, snorkeling, and sport fishing. Private cabanas are thatch roofed and located right on the shoreline; all equipment, instruction, fresh cooked meals, and beer are included in the trip price. The island is 13 acres large, covered with palm trees, and surrounded by coral reefs. On the end of the island facing the open sea, we have a perfect point break that offers long, right rides. Although the waves are not the size of ocean swells, we commonly see 3-6' faces. This location is less than 100 yards off the island, an easy swim or paddle and you're ready to rip.

Beach Cabanas
So cool, they've been featured on the cover of Outside magazine, our Long Caye resort cabanas were built to preserve the island in its natural state, and our lodge facilities are kept rustic by design. Guests love their thatch-roofed cabanas, each complete with a porch overlooking the coral of Glover's Reef.

Guests stay in two-person beach huts, perched above the surf. Each cabana has beds with custom-made air mattresses and a porch with hammocks and lounge chairs. Luggage benches and a small closet are provided and the cabins are lit with solar-powered lights. No air-conditioning is necessary since the ever-present breeze keeps the temperatures well below what they are on the mainland. There is no plumbing in the cabanas, instead we have wonderful composting toilets.

Dining Hall
Our kitchen and dining hall, with open-air views of the lagoon and a neighboring island, become the center of island life, complete with solar-powered lights, propane stove and refrigerators (cold beer and soda!), and our ever-growing library and game selection. There is no dress code, and you don't have to wipe your feet! (The floor is coral sand.)

Surfing in Belize
Never thought of surfing in Belize?  While we're not a world class surf destination if you're coming to Glover's Reef to enjoy all of our other activities you may be fortunate enough to enjoy fun and uncrowded waves while staying at Slickrock.  Slickrock has offered surfing opportunities at our reef break right in front of the resort for years, and now with the addition of SUP the waves are accessible for even more people. 

Surfing at Slickrock is best for intermeidate or advanced surfers.  Slickrocks' wave is excellent for kayak surfing and experienced surfers but not beginner surfers.  The waves break on reef and coral rubble instead of sand, this can lead to injury in beginners who often fall.  However, novices with some experience and strong athleticism may be allowed to surf when conditions permit.  Experienced surfers must first demonstrate their surfing ability on the kayak before being cleared to use our boards.  For the compentent surfer, nice long rides can sometimes be had when conditions are right.  Surfing permission is also variable each week depending upon which guides are in charge and how experience they are in the surf.  Persons under age 13 are not allowed to use any of our surfoards.

Surf Seasons
Good waves can be found all year, it depends on the weather out to sea which creates the swells that form the best waves. Winter and springare windy seasons and Long Caye will usually see a good break of four feet or higher during this time, but occasionally the seas do flattenout for a few days at a time. December through March may be the best time to plan for waves, though we have had flat spells during these months as well. Last season, even the month of May had decent surf for 3 out of 4 weeks.

Our waves are generated by the Trade Winds, which blow all season long and is different than many surf destinations that rely on a "storm season" from either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. This is relatively short period wind waves and usually originates a few hundred miles from the island. As such, it never really goes "flat" for long periods, usually not for more than a few days, although sometimes the waves do arrive with those same onshore trade winds. Like any surf destination, you never can truly predict what the weather will deliver on any given week.

The Surfbreak
The Slickrock surf break is a right that begins in 8-12 ft. of water, and progressively gets shallowers as you ride.  The drop can be moderate and even steep and there can be a reform allowing one to cutback and make a second section that walls up again with a fun, punchy, and fast inner section.  The wave eventually loses power as it moves into the shallow water.  Winter swells are near to moderate fetch waves driven by trade winds.  Our trade winds blow 10-15 knots nearly constant so there usually is an onshore chop, though glassy conditions do happen.  Because of the reef, the wave is very consistent, with a 4-6 foot face on the initial drop followed by rides of 50 yards when the conditions are good.  As for crowds, well it will only be the other guests at the resort.  So if you're looking for a Carribbean surf break, with clear water, small crowds and a good vibe, then Slickrock in Belize may be your place!

Available Surfboards:

-6’10" Epoxy Fish by Yancy Spencer
-6’10" Funboard by Blue Surfboards
-7’6" MBB Model Thruster by Channel Islands
-7’10" Funboard shape by Blue Surfboards
-9’0" Performance Epoxy Longboard by Colbalt
-9’2" Squash Tail Epoxy Longboard by Colbalt
-9’0" beginner hard-bottom foam board

You may also bring your own board, which we can transport to the island.  Longboards, fun boards and fish (on larger days) work best at our Belize surf break. True shortboards can be ridden but not consistently.  A larger board will give you a much better chance of catching waves while here, the waves are usually large and peaky, but we consistenly have something to ride on a longboard.



  • Boards Included
  • Board Rentals Nearby
  • Beginner Surf Lessons
  • Outdoor Shower


  • Diving


Period Cost
Per Night $200
Per Week $2,075
Per Month Call for Info


This property is located near Slick Rock. The wave is a right hand break which starts out in 8-12 feet of water, getting progressively shallower the longer the ride, ending in about 3 feet depth. Moderate to steep on the initial drop, there can also be a slight reform where one needs to cutback to make a second section where the wave walls up again with a fun, punchy, fast, inner section. Because of the shallowness of the break, this wave is not recommended for first time beginners as there is the risk of falling off the board wrong and hitting the bottom. However there is little risk of being "pounded" by the wave inside because it loses most of its force in the shallow water. Swell in the winter is almost always short fetch trade-wind-driven waves. The Trades blow a near constant 10-15 knots (or more), so often times surfable wave conditions also have "onshore" wind and chop It's a rare day to have super glassy conditions - although it does happen. Also, because of the reef the wave is very consistent; it's common to have a 4-6 foot face on the initial drop. Rides of 50 yards are possible on good days when it's connecting. This is a very uncrowded break, so except for having to share with our other guests, you can catch all the waves you want!

Surf Type

  • Point break
  • Right
  • Short board
  • Longboard
  • SUP
  • Beginner/Learn to Surf
  • Warm water

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Slickrock Belize aerial view, your private island

Lots of water toys! SUP, kayak, kitesurf, windsurf...

One of the Slickrock bungalows

Fun, clear water surfing in Belize!

Nice rights at Slick Rock

Slick Rock Belize aerial view

Surfer and Kayaker sharing a wave

Miles of pristine kayaking

Slick rock is perfect for windsurfing

Belize surfing

Turquoise Caribbean waters

Enjoying the wave out front

Huge sponges to be seen while diving

Belize Islands to explore

Try Kayak surfing in Belize, right in front of your

A tropcial island paradise

The best paddle surfing (SUP) in Belize

Fish from our pier

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