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Two Brothers Surf Resort

Eco-Lodge in Popoyo, Nicaragua

Free from pool for relaxing and watching the waves
Free from pool for relaxing and watching the wavesNot right on the beach, but our surf views are incredible!Villa Bohemia overlooking the surfbreaksLooking for a Nicaragua surf trip with waves like this? We've got themHotel has a pefect view of some of Nicaragua's best surf spotsSunsets by the poolView of Two Brothers Surf Resort on the hill, Popoyo nearby

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About this property

Two Brothers Surf Resort
Perched upon a hill overlooking the gorgeous beaches of Souther Nicaragua (including Popoyo), we offer luxury and incredible amenities, more than most vacation rentals and hotels, while still keeping budget in mind. At Two Brothers we strive to provide unique, design inspired accommodations for travelers and families seeking adventure without sacrificing luxury, security, or comfort.

$100 - $200 per night

Our small resort consists of four private villas featuring handcrafted décor and artifacts collected from our years of surf travels all over the world. Features included:

  • Four totally unique, self-catering villas with gardens and private terraces.
  • Gaudi-inspired pool with swim-in lounge and spectacular views.
  • Hand-carved and painted Indonesian temple doors and archways.
  • Authentic, locally-crafted Granada floor tiles.
  • Hand-crafted Mexican ceramic sinks.
  • Kitchens thoughtfully supplied with coffee presses, microwaves, refrigerators, stovetops, dishware, cooking utensils and an outdoor grill.
  • Air-conditioned villas with ceiling fans, architectural lighting, hot water, indoor and outdoor showers, and custom tiled bathrooms.
  • Each villa provided with high quality linens, comfortable beds and exotic decor.
  • Private beach access, great beach for swimming and surfing.
  • Wireless High Speed Internet
  • Best surfboard rentals in the Popoyo – over 50 boards!
  • Ping Pong Table, Well Equipped Weight Room(free weights), Speed and Heavy Bag for Boxing and Kick Boxing
Ask about our all-inclusive surf packages!

Two Brothers is situated in the center of Popoyo where guests have easy access to over 40 breaks. The Popoyo area virtually has waves 12 months a year. January, February, and March are consistently head high and over, with stronger offshore winds. It is advised to bring a spring suit or top during these months. April through September, the larger southerly swells come through and the winds die down to make smoother conditions all day long. There are offshore winds just about every day all day except for the month of October. November and December are pleasant months in Nicaragua with everything lush and green. With light offshore winds, swells can be from head high to triple overhead.

Surfboard Rentals
All rentals come with new leashes, nose guards, fins, day bag and wax. We have short boards, fun boards, fishes, thrusters, twin fins and quads, outer-reef guns, long boards and boogie boards. Boards are evenly split between epoxy and glass.

All boards can be exchanged daily depending on wave conditions with no cost to the renter. This enables you to feel like you have a full quiver for all wave conditions!

Surfboard Rental Rates
Daily rate for shortboards, funboards, and longboards - $15
Daily rate for Outer Reef Guns - $25
Daily rate for Stand-up Paddle Board (with paddle and board bag) - $30
Daily rate for boogie boards - $5
Weekly rate for boogie boards - $25

About Our Little Surf Resort
Owned and operated by Robert and Susan Gregory, we celebrate the true spirit of “minimal impact tourism,” promoting conservation and sustainability. We intend to keep our resort intimate, reserved only for a limited amount of guests, lessening our impact on the environment (and keeping the surf line-up minimal!). Our goal is to plant, preserve and provide for the wildlife and habitat on our mountain, while creating beautiful architecture that does not draw away from the natural beauty of the land.

The designs of the villas reflect the organic principles of nature, with much inspiration coming from the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, whose attentive observation of nature led to surprising and different architecture making interesting use of color, form, and space.

During construction we have used all local craftsmen, utilizing local building materials including hand-formed sun dried clay bricks, painstakingly hand-mixed and poured cement and beautiful hand-crafted Granada floors tiles crafted in the old colonial city that bears its name. All the building materials have been laboriously carried (by men), carted (by ox), or trucked when possible up the mountain that affords us such an amazing view.  The work has been difficult but the results are magnificent!


  • Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Board Rentals Nearby
  • Kid Friendly
  • Outdoor Shower


  • Hiking


Period Cost
Per Night $100
Per Week
Per Month Call for Info


This property is located near Guasacate. Beach breaks peel left and right along this mile of beach bordered by rivermouths on each end. Hollow thumping tubes that work best in the wet season. A good surf area often overlooked by those headed to Popoyo.

This property is also located near Popoyo. The most well known break in the area. Rights and lefts break over rock bottom. A-frame that breaks on high tide (fat and workable) and low low tide(fast and hollow). Rarely unoccupied so look for the surfers in the water and you're there! The rights are more barreling, while the lefts are longer. There is a huge outer reef break too, experts only!

This property is also located near Playa Santana. A beach break that works best around a high tide. Three main peaks, the first peak is similar to a reverse Sebastian Inlet, the second and third peaks are A-frame barreling beach breaks with lots of good lefts and rights.

Surf Type

  • Beach break
  • Reef break
  • Short board
  • Longboard
  • SUP
  • Warm water

Surfer Reviews

Gwood took a Wavecation in May

Posted on Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 8:52pm from Austin, TX

Surf Rating:

Overall Satisfaction:
Breaks Surfed: N/A
Favorite Break: N/A
Wave/Swell Conditions: Huge

Thoughts I want to pass on:

2Bros is straight Nica authentic. Robert & Susan are great hosts. Accommodations are very clean, great design. An all around fun relaxing place to visit with tons of surf break options (though we didn't surf while visiting).

This is a great Wavecation for:

Families with Kids
Families with Teens

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Property Images

Free from pool for relaxing and watching the waves

Not right on the beach, but our surf views are

Villa Bohemia overlooking the surfbreaks

Looking for a Nicaragua surf trip with waves like

Hotel has a pefect view of some of Nicaragua's best

Sunsets by the pool

View of Two Brothers Surf Resort on the hill, Popoyo

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