Playa Negra
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Playa Negra

Guanacaste, Costa Rica


Costa Rica

Skill Level

The Break

Playa Negra is a powerful and barreling normal right reef beach break. The right breaks on the northern end of the beach. There is also a left that's short and breaks over rocks—to be avoided at low tide. Shortboards and bodyboards work well here. Consistency is year-round with winter offering the best conditions.

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Current Surf Report

  • Surf Height
    2 - 3 ft
  • Swells
  • Wind
    5 mph
  • Weather

Last updated: 3 weeks ago

General Details

  • Skill Level
  • Consistency
    Year round, Biggest swell in winter
  • Wave Length
  • Wave Direction
  • Board Type
    Shortboard, Bodyboard
  • Type of Break
    Reef, Beach
  • Swell directions
    SW, NW, W
  • Best wind directions
    E, NE
  • Crowd levels / week
  • Crowd levels / weekend
  • Seabed
    Reef, Rocks
  • Best tides
    Mid, High
  • Power
    Powerful, Barreling
  • Access By
    Public Beach, 4WD, Paddle out

The Area

Playa Negra de Los Pargos is a peaceful fishing and beach village in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. It feels quaint and rustic, without high-rises or bigger hotels. The black sands of Playa Negra welcome all types of beach bums. The village is accessed by unpaved dirt roads that give access to tourism, while also protecting it from overdevelopment. Small mom-and-pop shops and a few good restaurants are happy to have you. A 30-minute drive to bigger towns like Tamarindo or Santa Cruz provides access to pharmacies, ATMs, larger grocery stores, and nightlife. Plenty of surf camps and shops offer board rentals and lessons on the beach.

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