The Ranch
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The Ranch

Guerrero, Mexico



Skill Level
intermediate, advanced

The Break

The Ranch is a clean and fast point break with options going left and right. The shape of the wave is compared to that of Trestles, in San Diego, California. It is a remote location, best accessed by boat and or jet ski. Driving there can be tricky, so find a local and get directions. Shortboards and funboards are ideal here, but longboards can be good too. Consistency is year-round with best conditions during summer months.

About the Access

The only land access is from the Mexico 200 road: exit at the community of El Chico. At the soccer field, exit at El Roble. Coming from Zihuatanejo, you turn left at the soccer field; coming from Lazaro Cardenas, you turn right. When you pass El Roble, turn left towards the beach.

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Current Surf Report

  • Surf Height
    2 - 4 ft
  • Swells
  • Wind
    2 mph
  • Weather

Last updated: 19 hours ago

General Details

  • Skill Level
    Intermediate, Advanced
  • Consistency
    Year round, Mainly summer swells
  • Wave Length
    Long, Very Long
  • Wave Direction
    Right, Left
  • Board Type
    Longboard, Shortboard, Funboard
  • Type of Break
    Point, River mouth
  • Swell directions
    SW, S, NW
  • Best wind directions
  • Crowd levels / week
  • Crowd levels / weekend
    Few to Crowded
  • Seabed
  • Best tides
    Low, Mid
  • Power
    Powerful, Barreling
  • Access By
    Private, Boat drop in, 4WD

The Area

La Union is an isolated and small fishing village in Guerrero, Mexico. With only 4 to 5 houses on the beach, there is limited land access to the break. The village has very few restaurants and very small shops; it is best to bring supplies on the way in from El Roble, which is 2 km away. The closest and major towns with great facilities are Lazaro Cardenas and Zihuatanejo, both about 1 hour away.

Amenities Nearby
  • Remote
  • Shaded Area
  • Lodging
  • Parking
  • Horseback Riding
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