Playa Yankee
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Playa Yankee

Rivas, Nicaragua



Skill Level

The Break

Also known as El Yankee. Playa Yankee is a powerful and punchy, short A-frame, primarily left beach break. There is a potential for several peaks when conditions are good, however, the best known one is a wedgy left towards the southern end of the beach. This beach is a bit more isolated than nearby and popular Playa Hermosa or Remanso–surfing here rarely draws a crowd. Shortboards are ideal here. Consistency is year-round with mainly summer swells.

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Current Surf Report

  • Surf Height
    2 - 3 ft
  • Swells
  • Wind
    20 mph
  • Weather

Last updated: 10 hours ago

General Details

  • Skill Level
  • Consistency
    Year round, Mainly summer swells
  • Wave Length
  • Wave Direction
  • Board Type
  • Type of Break
  • Swell directions
    S, SW
  • Best wind directions
  • Crowd levels / week
    Few to Crowded
  • Crowd levels / weekend
    Few to Crowded
  • Seabed
    Sand, Rocks
  • Best tides
    Mid, High
  • Power
    Powerful, Punchy, Barreling
  • Access By
    Public Beach, Paddle out

The Area

Playa Yankee is a smaller, private beach in San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua. This beach may be less known than nearby Playa Hermosa and Playa Remanso, however, ideal when you're looking for a little seclusion, empty waves, and a lot of natural charm. The area is located about 15km south of the well-developed city of San Juan del Sur. A handful of restaurants and a range of sustainable, ecological lodges offer surf amenities and inclusive packages.

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