Silver Strand
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Silver Strand

California, USA



Skill Level

The Break

Also known as Hollywood by the Sea or Oxnard. Silver Strand's waves are powerful, barreling and fun, short to normal A-frame beach and jetty breaks. The waves are flanked by the Channel Islands Harbor south jetty and the Port Hueneme north jetty. The beach break has three peaks and tubes galore: The Jetty: great for longboards and intermediate surfers going right; The Bowl: in action in the fall and winter; La Janelle: left hand sandbar. Any and all boards are good here, depending on the wave. Consistency is high year-round.

About the Access

Access via Ocean Drive in Oxnard. Limited parking is available—be wary of vandalism.

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Current Surf Report

  • Surf Height
    1 - 1 ft
  • Swells
  • Wind
    4 mph
  • Weather

Last updated: 2 weeks ago

General Details

  • Skill Level
  • Consistency
    Year round
  • Wave Length
    Short, Normal
  • Wave Direction
  • Board Type
    Shortboard, Bodyboard
  • Type of Break
    Beach, Jetty / Groyne
  • Swell directions
    S, NW, W
  • Best wind directions
  • Crowd levels / week
    Few to Crowded
  • Crowd levels / weekend
  • Seabed
  • Best tides
    Low, Mid
  • Power
    Powerful, Barreling, Mellow
  • Access By
    Public Beach, Paddle out

The Area

Silver Strand Beach (also known as Hollywood by the Sea) is a popular beach town in Oxnard, California. Silver Strand has a long history of strict localism which is more present during the high season which runs from September through March. It's favored among Oxnard locals and tourists alike, given its family friendly atmosphere, sandy beaches, restaurants and proximity to the Channel Islands Harbor.

Amenities Nearby
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